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Just official ones: Ferrari.com

“Ferrari´s programme of continuous development will never come to an end. The quality of oru cars cannot be sepatared from the lives of the people working at te Ferrari plant” (Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, presiident of Ferrary company). These words transmit us the base of the bluiding of the ideology of Ferrary. From these poit is made all what people consume.

http://www.ferrari.com/English/Pages/Home.aspx is the official Ferrari´s web page (in English). That page provides a general information abaout all we have to know abaout the brand and a seccure resource to look for information. Official always meens a guarantee of relyability.

For the Wikipedia article we have chosen a different topic: Ferrari´s digital identity. This topic is a bit risky, because I do not know any wikipedia article who has any section about digital identities. For that reason we have to be very careful about what we say and we have to choose just secure sources which give us relevant and true information.

http://www.ferrari.com/English/Pages/Home.aspx seems to me like the most important page about Ferrari. It´s main topic is cars, but it does not just give publicity about it´s car models, it shows us where are and which are the Ferrari´s headquarters, everything a car should need, everything we could know about the F1, news, videos… That is a good page for those people who love speed!

Actualy, this page doesn´t give much information about Ferrari´s identity on the net, but it show us the importance of following oficial web pages. Appart from that, it is also a good point from which we can start our progect: learning about our topic.

http://wiki.littera.deusto.es/en/index.php/Infoman1112/Wikipedia/Ferrari%27s_digital_identity will be the unique project foccused on the importance of having promotion on the net. A brand such as Ferrari can´t be out of new tecnologies, because, even it is a very well known brand, it has to keep in touch with people who follow it, unless it would get out od date and, consequently, loose it´s leadership.


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