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Ferrari´s digital identity

The aim of this post is to recover some of the main references of the article that I have been working on in order to explain the reason of their choice. The article from which the refereces are obtained is called Ferrari´s digital identity and is present on the web page of Wiki Littera Deusto. On the following pharagraphs the explaination of their choice is available as well as the own links for these references.

After the analysis of the Ferrari´s web communication plan there was a lack of information that separate us from the digital identity of the company. The analysis of Ferrari´s web communication plan provides us information about how Ferrari is working through social networks with the aim of promote its products and stablish its reputation. After that, there was a hollow between the web communication plan and the digital identity of the brand and because of that reason the article about its digital identity was developed.

In the article that I have been working on, there are plenty references and many of them are belonging to Mashable. I have elected this source with the intention of obtain trusty experts´opinions that are necessary to understand the way that companies are making use of digital tools for communication via Internet.

For instance, through the article referenced above, which is written by an expert about the topic, we may understand how important is the subdivision of a big company on the Internet as they normally do in other activities. Here, Megan Berry explains how to build a twitter strategy for a business and also how to publish information about the company through this microblogging site including aspects such as languages, technicisms or writing style.

Megan Berry (2010.06) HOW TO: Build a Twitter strategy for your business. In Mashable. Retrieved 2011.12.15 from http://mashable.com/2010/06/17/twitter-strategy-business/

Finally, there are also many references related to magazines and newspapers. I have elected them because they provide a lot of critic information that is relevant for the analysis of the digital identity of the company. The Ferrari web communication plan provides accurate information about the brand. Nevertheless, there is not all the information of its digital identity provided. Digital identities are composed by the information that an entity shares about itself but also by the information shared by others about this entity. In this case, this information belongs mainly to the most important magazines about motor racing such as Car&Driver which is recognized as the best magazine about cars on the earth.

Taking into account the articles developed by this magazine we may realize that this company has a great reputation though the public, or at least though the best media. The first sentence is also true but it is also a consequent of the view that media provide. On this page there are also some comments that are a little bit different than on the main page of the brand. Here, there are some speculations available related to the new changes that the company has made in its ultimate single-seater and the accuracy of them.

Cristina Díaz y África Rosaleny. (3. 02. 2012). El Ferrari F2012 se presenta oficialmente en Maranello. In Car&Driver. Retrieved 2012.02.25 from http://www.caranddriverthef1.com/formula1/presentaciones-f1/2012/49844-ferrari

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