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Chinese cinema: “Spring Subway”

The Infomation Management group I am part of is preparing a Wikipedia article that will be focused on the Chinese film Spring Subway from 2002. In order to analyze and understand it, I have selected some reliable sources related to Chinese contemporary cinema.

Firstly, the author of my first source is Jerome Silbergeld, a Professor of Art History at the University of Washington, Seattle, and the author of several books on twentieth-century Chinese painting, Asian art and especially, Chinese cinema. Besides, his work has been cited in at least 11 books, most of them related to Chinese Fine Arts.

Secondly, Paul Clark is a senior Lecturer at the University of Brighten where he teaches in the school of Historical and Critical Studies, and he has written two of the books included in my sources and also some others like The Chinese Cultural Revolution: a history and has cooperated with Bonnie S. McDougall (a professor of Chinese at the University of Edinburgh) in other work about Chinese cinema Film in contemporary China: critical debates, 1979-1989.

Thirdly, Laikwan Pang is an associate professor in the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His book explores the history, ideology, and aesthetics of China’s left-wing cinema movement and it has been cited in 6 other books according to Google Books.

In fourth place we have George Stephen Semsel, Xihe Chen and Hong Xia. The former is a professor of Film at Ohio University who worked as a Foreign Expert in the Chinese film industry in Beijing; Xihe Chen is a fellow of the China Film Art Research Center and he is completing his Ph.D. at Ohio State University; and the latter, Hong Xia is on the editorial staff of Film Art (Dianying Yishu), a theoretical journal published by the China Film Association.

Finally, as we can see, all authors are scholars or proffesionals whose work is related with Chinese cinema and most of them have collaborated in some other works related to this topic, therefore, there are reliable and relevant sources and their work would help developing my Wikipedia article.

  1. Silbergeld, J. China into film: frames of reference in contemporary Chinese cinema. Reaktion Books, 1999. BibTeX [silbergeld1999china]
  2. Clark, P. Chinese cinema: culture and politics since 1949. Cambridge University Press, 1987. BibTeX [clark1987chinese]
  3. Clark, P. Reinventing China: a generation and its films. The Chinese University Press, 2005. BibTeX [clark2005reinventing]
  4. Pang, L. Building a new China in cinema: the Chinese left-wing cinema movement, 1932-1937. Rowman \& Littlefield Publishers, 2002. BibTeX [pang2002building]
  5. Semsel, GS and Chen, X and Xia, H. Film in contemporary China: critical debates, 1979-1989. Praeger, 1993. BibTeX [semsel1993film]

Reference library: BibTeX

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