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Bibliography for the Wikipedia Article

Writing a good scholarly paper, an academic text adding something new to the scientific sphere is definitely not a piece of cake. As a matter of fact, it usually happens that an essay we come across with entails much more efforts than apparently could seem. Anyone intending to do a scholarly paper ought to carry on many tasks, in which the selection and revision of references stands out.


We, as it is to be hoped, have gone through various works among the literature for our topic “A Clockwork Orange” [1]. I have chosen this paper for this post, for it is a very good approach to the topic we are discoursing on.

I find it very interesting and enlightening since it deals with both the novel and Kubric’s film. But he does not only raise them from the typical point of view, as we could expect. Rather, in his paper, Luis Laborda Oribes also analyzes the irony of this masterpiece and, likewise, does tell us, like no other does, a hint about why the movie director made up his mind to adapt the novel to the screen.

Thus, we will, without a doubt, resort to this paper in orther to make from our article worthy of being in Wikipedia.

[1] Laborda Oribes, L. Aproximación a La naranja mecánica. Revista HMiC: historia moderna i contemporania (1), pp.13-20, 2003.

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