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Algortako Portu Zaharra

My group and I have chosen Algortako Portu Zaharra to do our wikipedia article because it is a place we know and like.

Algortako Portu Zaharra is a fishermen neigbourhood located in a town of Biscay called Algorta as its name says. This neighbourhood was founded in the XVIIIth century due to the fact that the “farmhouses” were beeing built up and up through slope.

The neighbourhood is built around three main streets: Kale Barria, Erribera and Portu Zaharra. And it is connected to the center of the town thanks to other two streets: Aretxondo and Karitate streets.

There used to be lots of fishermen who lived thanks to their job but while the town and the neighbourhood went becoming bigger and bigger and started introducing more advanced technologies the fishing dissapeared here. Nowadays you can see some boats but they few.

Its “jaiak”, in name of St. Nicolas, are hosted in the port every august and people from all Biscay go to have fun there. There is a day which is called “Pijamak” where people are dressed up with their own pijamas or many times boys are dressed up with girls’ pijama to be funnier.

Algorta es un barrio del municipio vizcaíno de Guecho, situado en el País Vasco, en la provincia de Vizcaya. Es el mayor núcleo poblacional del municipio con alrededor de 40.000 habitantes.

Algorta se articula en torno a la Avenida Basagoiti (peatonal), que
une las dos principales plazas históricas del pueblo, la plaza San
Nicolás y la plaza San Ignacio. Algorta pese a ser un barrio de
Guecho resulta ser un núcleo muy diverso, siendo un barrio con


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