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Gerry Coutler: Baudrillard’s Marx

Jean Baudrillard was a French philosopher and sociologist, a cultural critic and theorist of postmodernity, who, unfortunetly, died in 2007. He left a huge work composed by many books, articles and essays, and he is common known, among other things, for analyzing critically Marx‘s ideas.

Marx believed that in economics and its dialectical procedure he found fundamental agency, all he found was what haunts it – Baudrillard, 1976

Because of the interest in this philosopher who had wrote about marxism during the Cold War period and the desire to improve Wikipedia in Basque, I have retrieved some sources for the article. The source I will be commenting is an article of the professor of sociology Gerry Coutler based on Baudrillard’s work and his analysis of Marxim.

In order to know that the selected source could work as a reference, let’s verify it:

After  this, it is clear that the chosen reference is quite good, and that it has passed the “exam of verifiability” according to Wikipedia.

In short, this paper

[…] examines the place of Marx in Jean Baudrillard’s writing.

In the second decade of the twenty-first century, Marx is still very important to class analysis of contemporary society and for his common known critique of capitalism. It is of importance to know “the place he occupies in the thought of recent major theorists”, and, moreover, to develop Wikipedia.



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