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Cristiano Ronaldo in Social Networks

El valor de un futbolista, y me refiero a su valor en euros, ya no solo depende de lo bien o mal que juegue, sino de la comunicación que sea capaz de mantener. Internet es una oportunidad magnífica, aunque pocos lo aprovechan. (Yuri Morejón, director of Comunicar es ganar)

If a player’s impact on social networks were measured only by their number of followers, no one would cough Cristiano Ronaldo.

The prodigious Portuguese striker, who describes himself as handsome, rich and great player, maintains a large army of parishioners, nearly five million people looklike manna each of its 652 tweets and 35 million fervent admirers declare on Facebook. Together with the brave, Christians form a larger country than Poland (38 million) and Argentina (40 million). Christian proverbial man of modesty, and can boast of a new and dizzying display record. Its closest rival may beat him on the court, but internet does not get to the middle: Leo Messi, more timid or less to say,not yet dived into Twitter. His Facebook page, though, accounts for a whopping 26 million followers.

Tienen millones de seguidores que no sólo leen lo que dicen, sino que opinan sobre ellos a diestro y siniestro.

L. Loste (2011)

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best athlete at self-marketing on social networks. Everyone remembers the shock created by him publishing the first photo of his child on Facebook.

Christian Hernandez (2011), a Facebook’s Head of International Business Development.

Microblogging Tencent

The October 16, he number one Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo officially opened the microbRonaldogging Tencent, which is exclusive in China, his Chinese microbRonaldogging. Subsequently, the Portuguese star in two social networking sites Twitter and Facebook to present a case of open microbRonaldogging Tencent, which also led to foreign users of discussion.

“China has the world’s best soccer market not only because of the number of fans, Chinese fans are the best fans in the world one of the groups I fortunate to have been to China several times before, the interaction with the fans in China, so I am very happy, I like the exchange with the Chinese fans. ”

Cristiano Ronaldo

In order for fans around the world to share their joy in a timely manner, Cristiano Ronaldo   also announced the opening of individual Tencent microbloggin on his Twitter and Facebookl accounts:

I just launched my exclusive microbRonaldog in china and all the chinese fans can now communicate with me on tencent weibo.

Cristiano Ronaldo


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