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Technology- Taking over control of our lives

Technology brings many good things to our lives, better health care, more convintion and sometimes extra time to do something else. But technology also can cause more stress for being connected to work and family all the time and also many distractions that get us in trouble or hurt.  We have gained immediate access to information and better contact with people all over the world through the Internet. So it is important to balance our reliance on technology with others needs of life.

Whether or not, technology will take over the world is an interesting question because it has already seeped its way into many of the very core areas of society. Today’s society is highly technology centric and there is little which hasn’t been touched by automation or other technology progression.

Anyway, the concerns that technology is gradually taking over control our lives, can be reduced if we are careful with the use we make of them. People also should be careful because although technology is very comfortable is making people more and more anti-social.

“My BlackBerry runs my life,” Hoffman says.

“I’m so addicted to this device that I stopped mid-bite to rush to send this message. My dining partners are staring at me with contempt as I write this.”

For example, people spend too much time on the net, doing nothing. Also, the Internet and the mobile phones make people spend less time talking face to face. This can be a serious problem because people get used to talking via mobile phones or Internet every time and later they can have problems to express themselves in person.


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