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WCPlan: Arturo Pérez-Reverte

Arturo Pérez-Reverte  is a Spanish novelist and jourlalist, appart from been member of the Royal Spanish Academy. He usually uses social networks to promote himself and his own work. There have been analised different webs that Pérez-Reverte uses as promotion as Twitter, Facebook, or his official web.

Regarding Twitter, all people know that Pérez- Reverte posts his own tweets, so his Twitter is not often done by anyone but he. This is a very important point his fans take into account. They know that his tweets are made by him and it is something that they really like. Example:

@perezreverte Lola no tiene tele en el bar. Así que me voy a casa a ver el telediario. Fue un placer, como siempre. Gracias por la compañía

But he has have some problems with it because, as all we know, Twitter is a place where everybody writes what ever they want. Once he made a comment about a famous spanish minister that carried him some problems.

In his Facebook Page, he advertises his work on XL Semanal and, there appear his tweets, where he always talk about his work , as we have said. It is updated everyday so it is very popular, in fact, more than 62.000 people “like” the page according to Facebook. Futhermore, Facebook is a place that Pérez-Reverte uses to “give voice” to his fans, it means, where they are allowed to express their opinion and wishes. Example:

Marlene Taylor: La ÚNICA manera de escuchar las opiniones de Pérez-Reverte, aquí el el Tercer Mundo intelectual (vivo en Ecuador) es por un video como éste. Gracias por ponerlo. Gracias, Don Arturo por sus libros. Quizá alguna vez la vida de un giro y usted me pueda firmar alguno.

Finally, Arturo Pérez-Reverte has an Official Webside where he advertises himself. This Official Web is divided in different parts of promotion. The main partes are: Twitter, Facebook, Bibliography, Biography, Alatrsite and Press. In Twitter and Facebook places, there appear the new updatings. In the Bibliography appear all the new books the author has and in Biography, it is explained his life. The most interesting parts of th webside are Alatriste, where appear everything about this character and the novels about him and Press, where are the author’s articles in XLSemanal, some critics, news and interviews.


  1. George LECA
    December 20, 2011 at 5:38 am

    I am interested to pass a message to Mr. Arturo Perez Reverte so I would like to know a certified e-mail address, in this respect. Thank you, anyone/everyone!
    G.Leca, ninegx@yahoo.com

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