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El Intermedio: a fashionable TV program in the Net

The television program El Intermedio has an account in Facebook and  another one in Twitter, owning also a web page and a blog. But what else do we know about them? Do we know something about their digital identity? Do they know how to manage a digital reputation? The report “Web Communication Plan on El Intermedio” analyzes those and many other aspects about the well-known TV program.

As it is seen in their web page, El Intermedio is a Spanish satirical news program bradcasted by LaSexta and presented by El Gran Wyoming. The report analyzes the different parts each network has, contrasting them with what experts say and trying to come to a conclusion. As follows, and as seen in the report, it could be said that the wall of their Facebook page is well maintained, while the other sections are not so updated; or that they use Twitter to attract the audience, using the web page as the main wall in the Net, providing viewers with the latest news, videos or comments.

As the journalist Laura Ferrer claims, future relies on the online consumer, so traditional information sources should start to take into account the new “more active audience”. In her words, traditional and digital media should work together in order to become creative and news transmiting sources of information, just as El Intermedio does.

On the other hand, there is the issue of digital identity. Robin Fay says that digital identity is what you create on line as well as what others create about you. According to this, the TV program El Intermedio’s digital identity would be difficult to define, as there are many comments in which they are mentioned.

The report also deals with the importance tactics have when gaining followers. According to Acevedo, there are some honest ways to gain followers, but as the Twitter account of the program shows, not all of them are taken into account. However, as seen in their account, they usually follow similar rules, such as the ones adviced by Twitter developers.

Sumarizing the report, it could be said that the TV program El Intermedio uses the Net to provide the audience with extra information as well as to promote themselves and the program itself.


  1. December 17, 2011 at 10:15 am

    I like that post. I usually watch El Intermedio, and I think that, nowadays is very important to get in touch with viewers.

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