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Hamaika Telebista´s jump to the net

Hamaika Telebista is a TV channel created in the Basque Country a few years ago, and,  since the own countries products must be preserved, so do news media. For this reason, Hamaika Telebista is now expanding on the net.

“Mientras Internet aparece en la televisión, también se acelera un doble movimiento en sentido contrario. Por un lado, la Red se abre a las cadenas de televisión existentes y, por otro, a “cadenas Web”—es decir, creadas exclusivamente para ella.” (Francis Balle and Sophie Boukari)

So apart from creating a TV channel, Hamaika Telebista has opened its way thanks to the use of the net and its tools such as social webs or microblogs:


This web site helps Hamaika Telebista´s workers realise what´s their audience reactions are, what they like or dislike, the most interesting themes for discussion…adding their opinions below the videos and even punctuating them. Their Facebook page includes basic information about the TV channel, as well as the amount of people who like it or are talking about them in a short period of time.  And as its purpose is to share the news they broadcast the will maybe not need so much privacy, although some aspects should catch our attention:

“La polémica del uso de datos personales vuelve a primera fila después de que EE.UU. obliga a la red social a formar un contrato de «buenas prácticas»” as an ABC article claimed.

Mostly taking into account that to share your opinion on Facebook about Hamaika Telebista(or any other Facebook page), you must register yourself in Facebook, in other terms, you will have to make an account. And that means to write some data about yourself which can be used by the company creator of Facebook.


This web page is their creation and first attempt on the net, it includes the icons of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to make clear how their expansion goes. Apart from some extracts of their part taking on them, thereby they introduce this social web or microblogs to you and make you want to investigate them. Moreover, thanks to this web site, you will be allowed to watch whatever program you have lost, interviews, documentaries and so on. In fact, the most recent videos, the most seen and also the best-knowns are already highlighted for the viewers in the main page.

What Hamaika Telebista consists of is also defined in this web page, with another section providing useful information about how to contact with it. By giving both the hotmail and their companies´ addresses in Bilbo and Donostia. Once in this page, you can also link to some news about them, mostly about their inauguration days. For example one of this articles title says: “Hamaika Donostia, aurkezpen ekitaldia”


In few words too much things can be said, so this is how people post their opinion about the journalists or programs of Hamaika Telebista thanks to this microblog. The use of this microblog is expanding all over the world and each day there are new channels which do not doubt about joining the wave of modernity.

“Entre las privadas ha destacado, Telecinco, y muy especialmente sus Servicios Informativos, por mantener una apuesta sostenida por la red como ventana y por los blogs como formato. Canal Plus (Cuatro) y La Sexta, tradicionalmente han mimado su imagen en la red, con sitios de diseño cuidado y con un enfoque no limitado al marketing de sus productos audiovisuales.” posted by Jose Luis Orihuela for the ABC newspaper.

Hamaika Telebista´s Twitter page lets the followers watch the interviews, debates and information about football they post. They have 1.568 followers and 778 tweets in this moment. Their tweets can be retweeted letting them know who likes them and they can group themes with the use of  #.


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