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Virtual diagnosis of Nacho Vigalondo

In a recent interview, Nacho Vigalondo was asked about his ability to promote himself and to move through the Internet. He answered with tranquility: “Internet es un medio inevitable, más que una opción que hayamos cogido los realizadores de mi generación” [1]. He shows, indeed, great dexterity in his managering of his virtual identity; an inborn skill. However, this method of boosting one’s self has its advantages and disadvantages. Vigalondo has always squeezed its positive opportunities, but now those possibilities have become double-edged sword.

My Web Communication report is a virtual diagnosis of the way Nacho Vigalondo has faced a unique ailment: a revision of his virtual history, the symtoms and causes of his cybernetic desease and the results of such pathology.

In my report I will firstly examine Nacho Vigalondo’s Web communication strategy (i.e. the patient himself [2]) and its relationship with the different media, such as  Facebook, Twitter and his own Blog.

In relation with social networks, I will thoroughly describe the artist’s profile in Facebook . This platform gives him a great chance to socialize and, speaking as a businessman, to look for a wider potential market. I will try to analyze how Vigalondo exploit this virtual tool. Following the train of these thoughts, I will define his flimsy presence on LinkedIn.

Moreover, a special mention to Youtube and Vimeo will be done. Although he usually uploads his own clips, shortfilms and other audiovisual documents, the chain reaction of the aforementioned video-sharing websites give him many benefits. In this way Youtube and Vimeo users help him to spread an indirect advertising campaign. Then I will focus on Twitter. According to Douglas Idugboe there are seven main tips not to do in this microblogging. The sixth one is clearly specified:

If you are a business user, refrain from getting into any personal talks on Twitter. Most followers would not be interested in such information anyway so there’s no point in overloading them with useless information

Although Vigalondo is very fond of his Twitter, with more than 12.400 tweets, he forgot to take into account the sixth consideration of Idugboe. The controversy caused by certain tweets forced the closing of his personal blog. Therefore, in order to get a good virtual diagnosis, I will first analyze his Twitter account and his Blog (regularity of the updates, visits, influence in the Internet and so on). Then, I will try to clarify the controversial tweets and its direct relation with the dismissal of Vigalondo.

As conclusion, I will emphasize the possible harmful effects and dangers in the use of Internet. Virtual tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc., can become both, a great chance to show your work to the world or a very dangerous slipknot.


  1. N. Vigalondo, personal communication, March 27, 2011.
  2. Not to mistake this pun (between medical diagnosis and virtual identity) for the virtual diagnosis made by any spyware.


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