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Rip Curl (advertising through social networks)

James E. Rauch asserts that current new transportation and communications technologies allow the smallest firm to build partnerships with foreign producers and advertised themselves around the world. As for social marketing everyone’s talking about Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Blogging. But why are these websites important for business owners? Social Media Marketing is popular because it promotes dialogue and allows consumers to share experiences with others. Rip Curl is one of these companies that uses social networks, web pages and microblooging to advertise its company, products, events, etc.

The following  information has been taken for my report about Rip Curl’s strategy on business.

I’ve focused in social networks as Facebook and Linkedin, their own website, Twitter and Youtube. Internet is used by a lot of people, and, of course, it is also used for companies such as Rip Curl to bring  their products into the market.

Some of the most used social networks in marketing are:

  •   Facebook: 71%
  •   Twitter: 59%
  •   Blogger: 50%

As Tony Bradley claims that despite users’ privacy concerns, Facebook still has more than half a billion users. The beauty of using Facebook as a marketing tool comes from the endless ways in which you can advertise your business for free. Rip Curl publish some fotos and surf videos, also they advertise surf competitions. Rip Curl manufactures quality surf, snow, skate, wake, street and beach products. In Facebook they also refer to the websites where we can find them. In addition, Facebook allows Rip Curl to have a close contact with their consumers.

Rip Curl also has a page in Linkedin, which is used for different people in order to find a job in it.

As for Microblooging, Aliza Sherman says that it is a site that combines the publishing power of blogging with some social networking features like “friends” or “followers”. With Microblogging, such as Twitter, big companies and all people who wants to advertise their products can do it in a fast way and much cheaper than they do it before.

What Youtube concerns, Renee Oricchio state that lots of companies are now using web videos to reach out to current and potential customers. They’re building more personal relationships with their client base and reaping the benefits of this creative indirect marketing strategy. That’s why brands as Rip Curl has their own channel in youtube.


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