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Twitter vs. Tuenti, both quite dissimilar

Twitter and Tuenti, although they seem to have some similarities, in fact they are different. Starting from the users they are focused on continuing with their comments´ length.

“Twitter is indeed a very important component of the real-time Web, …useful because it is short-form content” says David Talbot .


Twitter is a social net based on microblogging with its headquarters in San Francisco, which is located in California. Twitter, Inc. was originally created in California by Jack Dorsey  in March 2006. In July of the same year, he launched it. The net has won popularity all over the world and it is estimated to have more than 200 million users, providing 65 million tweets approximately per day. It has been nicknamed as the “SMS of Internet”. Twitter can be used through Internet as well as smartphones, and there is also a SMS application in some countries. It is easy to use and it allows you to be informed about other people without the necessity of being a follower.

This net allows sending short texts of maximum 140 characters commonly known as tweets which are showed in the user´s main page. This type of writing makes it attractive for young and older people as heavy texts are avoided. Users can “follow” other people´s tweets and they will get the name of “followers”. Most of the messages are posted for everybody, although they can also be seen just by the followers, getting some privacy. In fact, certain themes can be grouped together by the use of a hashtag. According to Google, published in MIT and written by David Talbot:

“Lo interesante es que para evitar el spam una de las cosas que están analizando (y en general que resta relevancia a cada tweet) son los Hashtags porque estos son usados por spammers para lograr visibilidad cuando aparece un trending topic como #michaeljackson o #obama y es bastante coherente la idea de que un hashtag puede relacionar un tweet a un tema (especialmente a keywords en el buscador) pero es la forma más simple de lograr que tu spam aparezca cerca de los ojos de la gente.”

Apart from useful hashtags, the tweets can be directed to a specific person thanks to the use of @ followed by the name of that user. Moreover, whatever tweet you like, you could retweet, letting the author know that you like or find interesting that tweet.

The tweets can discuss different themes, but according to this graphic, the majority of tweets are about nonsense words, continued by conversations, and in a quite low proportion, we could find repeated messages, self-promotion, trash mail or news.


Tuenti is a social net you can get in with an invitation of another user. It was inaugurated in November, 2006 by Zaryn Dentzel, Felix Ruiz, Joaquin Ayuso, Adejemy and Kenny Bentley.  It is focused on people who live in Spain,although at first was pointed towards university students. Nowadays,  Tuenti has more than twelve millions users and growing and it is available both by computer and smart phone. The major stockholder of Tuenti is Movistar.

Tuenti allows the user to create his/her own profile, add other users as friends or familiars, and exchange messages on the profile board. Besides, users can share interests through common interest webs, events and uploading photos or videos. Or they can take advantage of Tuenti´s chat.

Talking about privacy, Tuenti has a characteristic that allows the users to choose who can see part of their profiles and who not, or they have even the option of getting their names out of a photo(their names will not appear on them).

Tuenti is available for some mobile platforms as iPhone, Blackberry, Android and J2ME.

Twitter against Tuenti:

Although Twitter and Tuenti may seem equals, there are huge differences among them. First of all, we should keep in mind that both are social nets, however  Twitter is based on microblogging. According to this, shorter comments will be posted on Twitter. Meanwhile Tuenti has not this characteristic at all. Even though it has a chat which makes easier communication among people. This could seem appealing, but Tuenti is mainly spreaded through Spain. While Twitter is used almost all over the world and its popularity continues raising.

Moreover, Tuenti is used mostly among teenagers while Twitter is used by enterprises, politicians, adults,new media… to get the known. So its use is more demanding, as an example we could appreciate the use the politicians have given to it during the elections of November,20.

“Los políticos lo saben y cada día son más los que se aplican el cuento y se adaptan a los nuevos tiempos, especialmente a través de Facebook, YouTube, sus blog o Twitter.” As it was said on an article about the use of webs by Spanish politicians.

On the other hand, Tuenti is more advertising as differents events are created as a way of sending publicity of bands, markets, pubs and so on. So they try to attract people but not in the same sense the users of Twitter are used to.


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