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The end of SMS

According to the information that the CMT (Comisión del Mercado de Telecomunicaciones) has said, last year (2010) the entries that the mobile phone operators had thanks to the SMS have dropped 19, 8%, which constitutes the third consecutive year of fall, standing at 1.260 millions of euros.

Free or very cheap Smartphones Applications and Instant Messaging Applications, which have strongly entered in the communication world, have replaced the SMS. Applications like WhatsApp, Blackberry Messenger, Skype or Live Microsof Windows, let users starting conversations free.

The only hope is their negative aspect: They cannot interconnect between them if they are not the same type of application. For example, a Blackberry App cannot speak with WhatsApp. However, SMS can send text to all kind of mobile phones.

Social Networks, such as Facebook or Google +, want to include this application, and they have invented and option for sending text messages to Apple mobile phones.

The increasing number of worldwide seals in Smartphones, has reached a 74% comparing to last year, has said Technology Research Gartner and the Telecommunication Union indicates that 3G services has grown from 72 million in 2005, to 940users in 2010.

Dean, posted in his “Quest We Answer Everything” blog this final conclusion:

The future for applications looks interesting. Whether the Apps will totally do away with SMS services is unclear. You can now even ‘text’ each other using mobile apps (with messages delivered by Push Messaging, meaning no SMS again). However, even if Apps do destroy the world of SMS services, is that such a bad thing? If you’re stuck in a loud club and need a taxi number – does it really matter if you send your request to us by SMS or an App?

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