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The key to having MILLIONS (of followers)

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Alvin Toffler, the American writter known for his works about digital revolution, communication revolution and technological singularity, said:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

Taking our current technological society into account, it is essential for everybody learning how to create an appropriate digital image and how to use social networks to achieve this purpose. Companies and individuals around the world try to sell a product or even themselves via social networks in order to climb steps in the ladder of success. They all look for a moving publicity campaign, self-promotion or job opportunities. If your aim is making yourself known developing a top-quality image without any expenses in your marketing campaign, here you have a one in a lifetime opportunity: the four keys to success via social networks.

With the “FaceBOOM”, the “Twiter Addiction” and the motto “I think, therefore I blog” being more and more recurrent in our society, we all should build an effective social media management strategy. The online community of these social networks has unthinkable possibilities, from sharing famous people´s private photos around the world in a few seconds, to making a society be aware of their rights and stirring up a social revolution. So, read carefully my four basic tips and put your mind to your online marketing campaign!

1. Take aim! Steve Jobs once said:

People with passion can change the world for better.

Think about your passion or select your target and do not look back, go for it! It is essential to fight for yours dreams and ambitions for making them true. Consequently, choose your followers and friends thoroughtly, always wondering if they will benefit you in any ways: providing you attractive information, connecting you with other people groups you´re interested in or even because they´re your actual friends, do not let them aside!

2. Be original! With more than 800 million active users on Facebook, for instance, you cannot be one more face, you need to be The Face which other companies or individuals closely watch every morning to find some fresh ideas. Let yourself day-dream! Laissez-faire! Free your imagination! Do not censure yourself and remember your best daily quotes or thoughts and tweet them or develope them on your blog. Regarding to the Facebook example, if Lady Gaga has the most popular women´s page on FB, you can imagine it isn´t for her being always modest and following the rules. On the contrary, the outlandish way she dresses or her extravagant lyrics have make her go straight to the top of popularity on the net. Therefore, make innovations!

For example, the energy company Electric Ireland had the imaginative idea of setting up a ‘Tweet Cafe’. It just delivers some drinks and blue muffins, but its decoration linked to Twitter´s theme colours and logo and the possibility of asking for a coffee cup by tweeting the hastagh of the snack you want makes it much more attractive and curious for the general public.

Social networks are rapidly being introduced into our lives, so take advantage of their popularity! As Todd Wasermann said:

You might decide to opt for an open-ended hashtag that encourages people to add their own thoughts

Running hashtags that invite audience participation are the clue!

3. Give them what they want! Information about your product or company has to be given to the public and try specially to remark that no-one has never offered such a gold opportunity. This strategy depends on the company´s values, as some entreprises design their webs and publicity campaigns depending on their possible clients and try to sell us not only the product but the “idea”. For instance, when we hear “Ferrari” we think about a red car with almost unlimited speed. We all know this isn´t actually true, but Ferrari´s commercials continue selling us that thought. So, sell them their dreamed item!

4. Be sociable! Interact with other companies, experts and individuals who you share likes and values with and who can help you promote your work. You can try some competitions for the most original tweet about your company´s new product, for instance, or you can invest promoting your hastagh so every Twitter-addict can see it. As Samir Balwani said:
Offering something to consumers to join can help build a large community. Some examples of things to offer: Coupons, free shipping, weekly deals.
Besides, it is also possible to follow Mashable´s example; they are running the Mashable Awards 2011 (5º edition) in which anyone with a Twitter or Facebook account can nominate their favourite company, person, site, game app or gadget. This awards just mean lots of free publicity for Mashable in every social network. Therefore, you can also follow their useful idea and set up a local contest!

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