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Elie Saab: Social Media in Haute Couture’s world

In Why FaFashion Collageshion Blogs Are So Important For Online Fashion Retailers?  Danielle Sharpe said

 A fashion blog is a great way for online retailers to create lots of regular, relevant fashion content for their website. It serves three important purposes, to provide a service and information for readers that will make them want to visit the site again, to help optimise the website and increase its search engine rankings and traffic for relevant key words and to provide a showcase and information on the sites products which help increase the conversion rate. Fashion is all about being up to the minute and it is important that that everything you do including your methods of communications end the right message about your company. Blogging is currently a very fashionable and trendy form of communication.

A fashion blog will add credibility to fashion website by showing that the company is up with the latest trends and knows about the fashion industry. It can talk to customers in an appropriate language and tone and is a great way of communicating with the younger fashion consumers that have enjoy reading blogs. A big attraction of blogs for readers is the speed at which they can be updated allowing them to give up the minute information on the latest trends and styles.

Elie Saab and Top-Model Anja RubikElie Saab, a fashion designer well known for his Haute Couture desings, is one of the leading designers using Blogs and Social Media to promote his creations. That’s why he has Facebook and Twitter official accounts, and apart from that his official webpage shows his designs and catwalk shows: http://www.eliesaab.com/

In an overall analysis of his website, we can see that the section news is managed as a Blog, where we can find news about celebrities wearing his gowns and also photos and videos of his newest creations. Apart from this, the website is separated in different sections:

Analizing his website in relation wit Social Networks, it must be said that we cannot share what we see in the webpage, instead of what we read on teh section News. There we can overlap these news in our Twitter and Facebook accounts. If we want to add to our Twitter or Facebook images and videos of the catwalks or of the gowns we must go to his official Facebook page, and there we will be able to see and share those images and videos.

Comparision with Versace’s official web

Versace is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses. Versace designs, markets and distributes luxury clothing, accessories, fragrances, makeup and home furnishings under the various brands of the Versace Group.

They both have them websitsites very well organized, but it must be said that Versace’s website has more information and more sections, for example:

There is a section called Very Versace that is very simillar to section News on Elie Saab’s site, but the one in Versace is only formed by photos, so it’s not created as a blog like the one in Elie Saab.

If we analize the ralation between Social Networks and the Official website, Versace has more facilities to share what we see in our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We find the Social Networks logos everywhere in the site, in the videos, photos, news… We can click in the botton I Like from Facebook since we are seeing the designs.

In the webpage we also find links to the Versace’s Facebook and Twitter

Example of tweets:

Importance of Websites in Fashion Industry

Author:David Meyer

Published: Aug 25, 2011

Fashion is the most discussed and trendy topics of today’s modern era; in a way we can say that it represents the social and cultural heritage of the present era. Most often you have listened, this particular thing is in fashion; it means what; that actually means that particular thing is in demand and is liked by people of that era. Fashion serves as the most polished mirror of our time; it is a modest way of expressing ourselves: our choice, our thoughts, our interests and so on. Just as the designer makes clothes to express the latest trend of the era, in the same manner consumer wears them for expressing their interest, revealing they are standing parallel to the recent trends. Fashions not only depict the social or cultural base of our society, but also have room for a number of other artistic professions, such as photography, make-up and hair-dressing and above all web design.

Looking over the crucial role of fashion industry, today in this post we have decided to take a glance over various websites from the fashion industry. We expect that, many fashion e-commerce sites can be an excellent source of design inspiration for web designers and can play a vital role in the expansion of web designing. Also, attractive design and photography can make the products more appealing to visitors which in turn increase sales.


How Social Networks have changed the Fashion Industry

Useful information about Social Networks

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