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From rejection to a wide social network trap: Noel Gallagher’s case

The British musician Noel Gallagher is not fond of virtual worlds. This statement could already be done while he was still in Oasis, after hearing him say that he had never used a computer. But as every businessman he is aware that nowadays, the net is the way to keep going his projects, in this case his two recent albums. Some months ago, due to the presentation of his first solo album “High Flying Birds”, he developed a complete web communication plan, maintained by his employees at this record company Sour Smash Records.

In his own marketing promotion we find that he has not only have an own webpage, but he also has a Facebook account, a Twitter account, some Youtube accounts, some blogs and a Myspace account. Taking into account a interview with Britain’s Daily Mirror, where Noel gives his opinion of the use of social networks by celebrities, it can be stated that the development of his plan supposed is not his cup of tea:

“I think in this age of information, there is just too much out there. People talk too much, you know, people ‘Tweeting’, ‘On the way to our first recording session, wearing a green jacket and red shoes, it’s going to be great, album due out’, and it’s like, ‘Don’t tell me that.This is the world in which we live unfortunately. But, to me, magic is always better than anything. The not knowing and the anticipation of what you don’t know is just incredible. It must be better than knowing everything about everybody.

Noel Gallagher

As the blogger Adriaan Pienaar sugest on his “Growing My Audience” post, Mr Gallagher uploads almost every day his different sites, just to be more close to his fans, inform them about his new CD’s novelties and further gigs. Pictures of his shows and public engagements or videos are also uploaded every days in his Facebook accounts. Characterized for his sharp tongue, the guitarist of the worldwide-know music rock band Oasis, this time he  has decided to treat this new ways of communication courteously.

Together with the anouncement of this web communication plan, Noel Gallagher announced that he had recorded two studio albums , one released the 17th of October and called High Flying Birds, and the other one will be released next year, counting on with the colaboration of  Anonymous Androgynous. We’ll have to wait for this second plan, meanwhile we can enjoy of his live performances around Europe or take a look into any of the social networks mentioned before.

Noel Gallagher’s sites:


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