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UN’s Web Communication Plan

A Web communication plan is important for  any organization to get a good promotion and coverage. Here i’m going to analize UN’s Web communication plan. The activity that such a large organization generated
can be overwhelming and chaotic if it’s not managed properly. All of this is managed by the Department of Public Information, that

Serves as liaison between the UN and  civil society. The Department of Public Information is working to spread the message of the United Nations in the world to help the public better understand the activities and objectives of the United Nations.

The UN is an international organization founded in 1945, after World War II. Its porpuse is get and international cooperation in subejts like international law, security, economic development, social progress, human rights and, some day, worl peace. Now there are 192 member states . The  Secretary General is Ban Ki-moon. The organization has 6 principal organims and agencies like United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

As Jerry Bader says in his article,

 Your business success depends on your ability to communicate effectively to an interested audience.

And Susan Payton emphasizes the importance of have a Facebook page and keep it update. UN, for informate about the activity of  all this organisms and agencies, the UN has several multimedia services:

  • radio in 8 different languages
  • news section here are articles about UN activities and links to all others UN’s communication services.
  • youtube channel  created in November 18, 2010. Has been played 5497 times.
  • UN webcast : has 4 different channels and were created in 2001. Here some of the UN session are streaming live.
  • facebook page has 8,686 followers.
  • twitter account has 6,763 followers.

So, with all of that communication tools and the clear organization and simple access to it, UN has a good Web Communication Plan with and interesting number of followers.

To listen: Radio July 6, 2011


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