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Rome – The subject of my choice: Italian.

This post is dedicated to the city of Rome, related to the subject Italian language, in which we have been studying not only grammar, but also Italian culture and different cities.

ColloseumI was in Rome one year ago. I spent few days, but saw almost everything which is worth visiting. One of my favorite places in the city is the Colloseum, considered as wonder of the world. It is very impressive and has a very rich history. It is the largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire.

It is situated in the east of the Roman Forum, and was built between 70 and 72 by Vespasian emperor, and finished in 80 AD by Titus and Domitian. It occupies the place where Emperor Nero had its residence. The reason of its construction was that the previous amphitheatre was too small for all the citizens, when the Colosseum was completed, its capacity was 50,000 spectators, and was used for the typical Roman Games, which included gladiator fights, public spectacles and dramas based on Classical mythology. The building ceased to be used for entertainment in the early medieval era. It was later reused for such purposes as housing, workshops, quarters for a religious order, a fortress, a quarry, and a Christian shrine.

Nowadays, it’s partially ruined (because of earthquakes and stone-robber) but it’s still a symbol of Imperial Rome and the most famous and visited place in Rome.

Although in the 21st century it stays partially ruined because of damage caused by devastating earthquakes and stone-robbers, the Colosseum is an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome. It is one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions and still has close connections with the Roman Catholic Church, as each Good Friday the Pope leads a torchlit “Way of the Cross” procession that starts in the area around the Colosseum.”

More places to visit in Rome are the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, Castel St Angelo, St Peter’s square and basilica… and of course, the beautiful and impressive Trevi Fountain.

This fountain was built in 1732 and finished in 1762 by Nicola Salvi under the orders of Pope Clement XII, and following a Bernini design. The central figure of the fountain is the god of the sea: Neptune. He is in a shell-form char, pulled by two horses, one calm and other restive, which symbolizes the mood of the sea. The fountain is really famous, and a legend says that you should throw a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder to return to Rome once again, two coins to return and fall in love with a roman and three to marry him or her in Rome. Of course, when I was, I did it. 😉

To finish, I leave here a link with extra information about Rome sights and attractions, museums, transportation, etc.: http://www.rome.info/sights/

I hope you all will have the opportunity to visit this amazing city, and don’t forget to practice Italian!


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