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LA IMPORTANCIA DEL ALEMÁN – Die Bedeutung der Deutsch

German is a West Germanic language and with English and Chines one of the world’s most spoken language in the European Union. It is spoken by approximately 110 million native speakers and about 80 million non-native. Standard German is widely taught in schools, universities and Goethe institutes worldwide.

We can find more reason that justify the German and other languages’ learning, and the University of Deusto knows it. That is why the University offers to all Modern Languages and Modern Languages & Management students a wide offer throughout 3 years of the 4 years-study. In these 3 years, teachers use a line of books for the learning of the German, called Schritte International.

There are two books for each level of the European framework of Reference for Languages. After having done these two books, it is supposed to be able to pass a level exam, being the most famous one: Goehte Institut exams

With help of these books, the student will be able to understand brief conversations at the beggining of his studies (A1 in the European Frame), and simple, but more complex conversations after having finished the three years (A2).


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