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Why I chose to learn Chinese

More than 2,300 universities in 100 countries have included Chinese courses in their academic programs while the number of students traveling to China to learn the language is increasing. In 2004, China received 400,000 foreign students to specialize in Chinese, a figure which in 1996 was only 41,200. Chen Gensheng , one of the most important Spanish translations reviewer of China, tell us abut the importance of understand a language and not only study the language, meanwhile, James Dumm explaines some advantages to decide to start learning this language:

  • The Language of a Quarter of the Earth’s Population
  • Understand and Experience a Diverse Culture and Tradition
  • Join One of the Largest Global Markets
  • Makes Your Work Easier
    • You will be able to read the signs on the road and the menus at restaurants.
    • You will be able to understand the movies of the country which you are visiting.
    • You get to communicate with the local residents and make new acquaintances wherever you go.
  • Enhance Your Knowledge about Other Countries

Mandarin Chinese language is conquering the world, warning us about the necesity of his study and feeling inside this language revolution or possible future employment. The knowledge you have of Mandarin Chinese will be very important and perhaps decisive. China’s economy invades different countries, and is clearly evident that if you speak this language you will have clear advantages in the laboral world.

As I have said before, the Chinese language is not only study the characters and learn to write and pronunce them, as other culturers every people who want to study this language have to understand his peculiar culture which defers from Occidental´s one. In the words of Chen Gensheng,

…debe aprender con ahínco otros conocimientos que sean necesarios para su desempeño, incluidos conocimientos científicos comunes, ya que la traducción cubre casi todas las actividades humanas.

For additional information: http://www.chino-china.com/


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