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What type of information should go on an email, or on a private message and not on a wall post?

Internet privacy is a very valued good. There is people who is convinced about the end of the privacy in the Internet, specially due to Facebook. Facebook is a popular social network on the Internet. It is used by millions of people every day, who share their lifes through it. Sometimes people who you don’t know adds you to their facebook, so what kind of information should you put in your account?

It is clear that you should not say to everyone when are you going on holidays or what kind of places you frequent. It could be dangerous information in the wrong hands. In certain
sites any member may view any other member’s profile. On “weakerpseudonym” sites, access to personal information may be limited to participants that are part of the direct or extended network of the profile owner. If you want a friend of you to know something that nobody else should know (for example, if you are having an argument or if you are declaring your love) you should send the information in a private message or in an email. Using those tools, you make sure that nobody but the person you want will read the information.

As a conclusion, very often people don’t pay attention to this details. They don’t mind if an undesirable person see their information, but is important to be careful with the data you share, like your credit card number, your bank account, businness interests or just when are you leaving your home.

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