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Web Communication Plan – HÓ 2.0

This is a post based on my report analyzing the Web Communication Plan of Alhóndiga Bilbao . It have explored and explained how this company uses its social network facilities, such as Facebook or Twitter, and how it manages and functions its own official web-site. I have chosen Alhóndiga Bilbao because of its HÓ 2.0 plan that seems to me quite appealing and complete.http://www.alhondigabilbao.com/redes-sociales



Social networks

It has a page in Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/AlhondigaBilbao/264938086920

 “AlhóndigaBilbao aspira a convertirse en un centro de referencia para el desarrollo y difusión de la cultura urbana, la actualidad, las nuevas tendencias y la salud. Un lugar de encuentro en el que disfrutar, conocerse mejor y aprender.”

According to Melissa Ward, “Through linking and connecting with other web sites and social media web portals not only can you get your message across but you can share with real human faces, express and receive real thoughts and options. Open your business up to real dialog, two way conversations with a huge group of potential consumers; a.k.a the community.”

According to Melissa Ward on technology management, “No one cares if you have the biggest or fastest mouse trap, they simply want to know it is going to capture more mice.”

According to Antony Mayfield “These might seem like resource-intensive options, but marketing is rarely free. Facebook has the potential to reach a massive audience, but it’s a competitive marketplace for attention, so you need to fight for your fans. Of course, once you’ve got your fans, you’ve got to make sure you use them well. A massive fan base left disengaged can quickly lose interest. However, with the right community management strategies, your Facebook fan base can be a powerful tool.”



Followers: 471; 336 Tweets

The vast mayority of the tweets were mere information about inner programs, services and promotions, without relating information to comunal issues neither providing room for discussion and comment. So, according to Melissa Ward, “Potential customers want interaction and most importantly to feel like they have a stake in your product or service. Opening up a two way dialog and thereby building and being involved in the community at large is the most effective way to break out your brand and specific product or service.”

With no doubt, the most important, complete and accurate way that Alhóndiga Bilbao has to promote itself in the Internet is the official web-site of the company: http://www.alhondigabilbao.com.







AlhóndigaBilbao also has its own channel in Youtube, AlhóndigaBilbao,







It shows a huge presence in a wide range of media tools but it fails in the interaction with its consumers.



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