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The subject of my choice

I decide to write about English Language Skills, the subject that I had the last year in the first and second semester at the University of Deusto. This subject was in common with all the students who were studying Social Sciences; not only the students of Modern Languages studied it. In this subject, we learn about some useful things which are very important if a person want to work in something related to languages:

  • Vocabulary about technology, crime, animals, holidays, food, consumer society, fashion, entertainment, etc.
  • Grammar: adverbs, contable ant uncountable nouns, indirect speech, relative clauses, ability and possibility, ways of giving advice, etc.
  • Reading: we read some texts related to the topic of the unit, and we did, also, some exercises about the text.
  • Writing: informal and formal emails, stories, articles, reviews, reports, essays, letters of applications and semi-formal letters.
  • Use of english: key word transformations, multiple-choice cloze, etc
  • Listening: multiple-choice questions, sentence completions, etc
  • Speaking: comparing things, advantages and disadvantages, discussions, personality quizzes, etc

All of this exercises help us in having an acceptable level of english to prepare us the Cambridge exams. The writers of this book, Jacky Newbrook, Judith Wilson and Richard Acklam, say:

“The trusted Gold series builds students’ confidence by providing carefully graded exam preparation for the Cambridge ESOL exams combined with thorough language and skills development. The enjoyable, communicative classes which have a strong emphasis on personalisation, make it a popular choice for teachers around the world.”

Nowadays it is essential to learn the English language because is the tool that allows communication with people from other countries in the globalized world in which we live. English has become the most popular language in the world, so it is very important to study it and very essential in all the jobs. However, the level of language by the spanish people is still the lowest in Europe.


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Jose Angel Boluda Cervantes. 1.12.2009. Do you speak english? The importance of English for the workplace. Retrieved 21.12.2010 from http://www.miperiodicodigital.com/edicion2010/articulo.php?id=13649

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