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The Red Cross on the net

The Red Cross is an internatinal humanitarian movement with approximately 97 million volunteers in the world. It was created in 1863 in Geneva after his founder, Henry Dunant, witness the War of Solferino during his business travel. Although he was in a travel businees Henry Dunant did not doubted and his business travel finished there. The founder recruited all the citizen near the batteflied and started to heal the injuries, war wound…Later, the Red Cross was extended by 198 countries becoming the largest humanitarian association in the world.

That association and a lot of its volunteers  has created profiles in Facebook and Tuenti due to the fact that social networks are a very good and easy way to show the world what they are doing. But the Spanish Red Cross has gone further it has created its own social network Mundo Cruz Roja only for people connected with the institution (volunteers, workes, members..). Although social networks are used in the Red Cross there are also use the microblogging and the blogs because it is an easy way to write and you are able to modified whenever you want.

Both, the social networks and the microblogging are used in order to show the citizenship what the do but also to connect all the volunteers and to improve the relations between them, however, in the blogs and Twitter we are able to see alerts of differents institutions (Euskalmet, protección civil…).

To sum up, it can be said that all the social network have become the fastest, the cheapest and the most efficient way to inform all the citizenship but at the same time being a good method to improve the relations between volunteers and to speak about their experience.


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