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The McDonald’s Company

McDonald’s is a worldwide known company and of course it also makes use of the social networks to advertise itself. According to this article written by Andrea Watts:

“So the point is, in order for your small business to succeed, you need a social media marketing strategy. Your social media interaction will build your brand, and encourage your consumers to interact with the company on a more personal level, rather than a relationship solely based on simple buy-sell transactions.”

McDonald’s, like many other famous and powerful companies, counts with a Facebook page. It counts with 6,579,438 friends by today. Here we can see several advertisements of McDonald’s products such as the McCoffee, Happy Meal and all the range of hamburgers. There are also some more tags where you can upload photos, videos, related to McDonald’s Company and there is place for some discussion too. However, the most important point is that they can interact with clients because there is a wall where they can post some comments about their opinions of the latest products. The company has also a Twitter account. As the description of the account says: “We’re here to listen and learn from all of our fans and followers”.

McDonald’s has a Flickr account too, where some photos are published. Of course, they also have a YouTube account called McDonald’s Corporation. Here you can see some funny advertisements made by the company. Finally, we can find a blog about McDonald’s where a lot of information is given about many aspects of the company. For example, there is useful information for parents explaining what kind of food the restaurants offer to their kids. There is also information for students, explaining among other things where they can apply for a job in the company.

However, without any doubt where most information is given about the company is in McDonald’s webpage. There, you can see all the products the company offers and everything is well explained with clear information. You will also be able to see the last offers of this company as well as they  the chance to take part in MacDonald’s latest game called “Monopoly MacDonald’s” which gives lots of presents everyday and, of course, this also is part of its media strategy.


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