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The famous TV programme “Vaya Semanita”

“Vaya Semanita” is a weekly TV programme of ETB2 really known in Spain, specially in the Basque Country. It is based on humorous sketches, most of them about basque people, related to topics such as couple’s relationships, politics, death, relationships between friends, work situation…

The main idea of this programme is to make fun of many “tabu” topics people aboid talking about in the Basque Country. The most common topic which they always talk about is ETA’s terrorism and they try to make something funny of such a serious topic.

It’s obvious that this programme gets many critics, most of them good but also many bad because people do not agree with the idea of making fun of such serious topics. However, “Vaya Semanita” is normally neutral when talking about political topics, always making fun of both sites.

During the fisrt season, one of the most memorable sketches was “Los Sanchez”, a family from Salamanca that had come to live to the Basque Country and whose children had taken two really different roles, one of them as a Ertzaina and the other one as a Borroka.  Another known sketch was “El Pelanas”, a homeless man who was always drunk and making fun of the society. “La Cuadrilla” has maybe been the most famous sketch in the whole history of this programme and it was about a group of 4 basque men always in the bar and drinking “txikitos”. They looked like the typical basque men with the “txapela” and always singing typical basque songs. It could be said that many people have this image of basque men due to this programme.

After the first season, when many of the actors left the programme, everything changed. “Vaya Semanita” lost most of its audience even if  it is still famous and well-known.  In the second season and later on, many other sketches have been added, such as “Los cuentos del aitite Arzalluz”, “La biblia contada a los vascos”, “Los jubilados de la valla”…

As the programme is only once per week, they invite each time someone famous who takes part in some of the sketches. There has already been really important people, such as politicians and futbool players which means the programme is taken seriously.

Nowadays we can also be up to date with “Vaya Semanita” thanks to webpages and networks such as FacebookYouTube, Twitter…


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