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Serantes Kultur Aretoa on the net?

Javier Gosende explains that on Facebook is possible to advertise a bussiness which will be seen by millions of users who come daily to see new things in their account. Facebook can become viral marketing channel for our advertisement message due to the ease form of expansion that gives the possibility of arriving to different social groups or customers with minimal cost. In this way, small businesses like Serantes Kultur Aretoa can be promoted on the network.

Kultur Serantes Aretoa has only one Facebook page with around 5.000 friends. But, taking on consideration that it is a town with 47.019 residents and which is known for Portugalete, Sestao or Barakaldo, has not a big number of  followers on the net. On his Facebook page, it includes photos and advertisement about their next performances. According to Jonh Swartz For the first time, social media has become the most visible way for small businesses to promote their products and services. As well, Kultur Serantes Aretoa has a Tuenti account where appears as a place and page. It includes nearly the same information as the Facebook page.

In reference to the microblogging, the Serantes Kultur Aretoa web page includes a Twitter account but if we click on it, it does not give us information about the news of the cinema because of the misuse of the link they have put.

To sum up, it seems that this litte bussiness have not got a big interest in his advertising campaing or that their are not concient about this deceive link. But, if we try to found some more information about the Serantes Kultur Aretoa (also in the Santurtzi web page) we have not found information about cinemas existence if we do not try in their own page.


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