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PepsiCo Inc., a model company in web communication

Are social networks relevant in business communications?

The success of social networking is undeniable with 550 million users of Facebook, 2,000 million YouTube videos watched per day and 65 million tweets per day. These figures show the potential of social networking and the Internet for marketing purposes. No other advertising medium provides the same potential and nowhere but the Internet do users share such a wide range of personal information.

Experts such as Claire Jarrett, British online marketing consultant,and Chris Brogan, renowned consultant on social software technologies and business communications firmly support this perspective.

Mrs Jarrett speaks about this issue at rinf.com:

Corporations have begun to acknowledge the importance of social media sites in making a mark in the business field. All the latest launches, announcements and other ongoing incidents related to a company are now announced through these social media sites.

Pepsico Inc. shows a strong commitment with this course of action.

The company’s marketing strategie combines spectacular advertising campaigns in audiovisual media on a worldwide scale with a strong presence on the Internet. In addition to the company’s official website, each of the brands owned has its own official web page. Moreover, it has several accounts in different online social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Youtube.

For instance, the company’s official Facebook page provides a highly accessible place for interaction with potential customers. Not only they advertise new products, but they also share information of different types of initiatives in which the company is involved like charity or sports events. This way they can also have a feedback about their public image.

Pepsico Inc. has also successfully managed to implement Twitter to his marketing strategy. With more than ten thousand followers, the company is able to keep personal contact with all those potential customers.

Melissa Ward,  web strategist and communication expert goes deeply into this idea at selfgrowth.com:

Social Media and the web in general give you a way to connect with individuals in a way that we have never seen before. Through linking and connecting with other web sites and social media web portals not only can you get your message across but you can share with real human faces, express and receive real thoughts and options.

All the things considered, social media and the Internet have become an essential factor in order to establish a successful marketing strategy. The spectacular increase in the number of people using this type of platforms over the last decade has caused a “fever” for social networks among huge corporations on a global scale. The potential of these tools has reshaped the way those companies face their communication strategies. Consequently, a successful web communication plan must adhere to this tendency and master these tools in order to not to become obsolete.

Pepsico, Inc.‘s communication plan can be considered as a model among corporations, since it has shown a remarkable commitment with social networking and online marketing. Its presence in Facebook, Twittter, Flickr and Youtube guarantees a relatively close contact with its potential customers. This feedback allows the company to adapt to what the market demands, therefore increasing their sales, which is the ultimate goal of this kind of company.


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