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Networks, groups and pages

Facebook has a lot of applications and facilities to offer to its users. Groups, networks and pages are some of them, and I am going to explain how to create them, their differences and main purposes.

First of all, groups show a topic or an idea to ellavorate with the members of the group.You can upload a picture for your group, add a website, and other options to make it more attractive. An article published by Geoffrey A. Fouler (7th October 2010) says that according to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has given users some ability to target communication to specific friends by sorting them into lists, but that process wasn’t very fun, and only about 5% of users ever bothered to do it. In the new groups feature, anybody has the ability to make a group, and to automatically add others to it.

A group is created by going to the groups application (on the left of your home page) and clicking “Create a Group” in the upper right corner of the page, or by clicking the “Create Group” link that may appear in the left column of your home page.

Secondly, pages allow entities such as public figures and organizations to broadcast information to their fans. According to Nick O’Neill (11th March 2009), pages are a tool for companies and public figures to engage their fans and customers. This conversation brings with it the power that all other social media tools and platforms provide, which is why this latest release of Facebook Pages is so important for brands. Pages have a lot of advantages. In fact, they are profiles for brands; they have access to user’s feed, which is now real time; they can integrate multiple applications and brands can join a conversation.

Thirthly, networks are made up of social networks from schools, work or region. Once you are registered in Facebook, you can add any networks with which you can prove an affiliation from the “networks” tab of the acount page. To join a network you must click on the little arrow to the right, firstly searching various networks or browsing them. As I have said, you can browse them by regions, colleges, workplaces or high schools. Basically a network is a group of people that have come together in exactly that a network.

In conclusion, the creation of Facebook groups, pages and networks is not a difficult thing. You just need to create an account, have some friends and have time to make them popular.


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