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My Web Communication Plan: Innobasque

For the Project of Web Communication Plan I am going to talk about Innobasque and analyze how they use Social Networks to promote themselves. How they let the whole world know what they offer by using these new tolos, such as Facebook, Twitter and other means like Youtube or Flickr.

It could be claimed that Internet and social networks in general, are an excelent tool to use in business. A way of advertising, of provideing information, a way of giving the customer the chance of participating, giving opinions… and an endless list of advantages. Here are some expert´s quotes giving her point of view on this issue:

“The infusion of social features in business tools (and vice versa) are giving rise to a new form of communication, one where personality and professionalism can and should coexist. People who are fluent in the language of these tools have the advantage. First impressions last, and there is little room for error and less for forgiveness in the world of online social communities.” sais Karen Appleton, vice president of Business development.

Innobasque satands for “ La Agencia Vasca de la Innovación – Berrikuntzaren Euskal Agentzia”. It is a private non-profit organization, created to coordinate and promote innovation in Euskadi in all its areas. Its main aim is to promote the image of the Basque Country as the epicentre of innovation.

Regarding Facebook, Its Privacy type is open, which means that all content is public and everybody is able to see it. That is a way to get people to know you. Naiara Pérez de Villareal is the creator and it has 1,300 members and 117 links, 11 past events, 8 photos and a video. In the wall, we can see that it is full of pices of news and useful information. In the area of discussions, there are no less than 20 topics being discussed. I will write a couple of them as an example:How should be the innovative Euskadi in the year 2030? Obama: innovation in politics?

Not only through Facebook, but also through Twitter Innobasque can be followed. Here I will analyze the account this agency has in Twitter. It has got 1,648 Tweets, 1,904 followers and 655 following. It also has 195 lists.

Innobasque has its own Webpage. In this webpage we can find information about what this institution does and what it is about. Here you also have the choice of becoming a member and to participate in the community. A wide range of news connected to Innobasque can be found. Apart from this Web page, which is Innobasque´s official web, we can follow this institution on other sites. Such as Youtube,Flickr, Linkedin and delicious.


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