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Can we say that Facebook has a good security control?

Everyone has to control the kind of information and the measure in which we do it. We think just our closest friends can get information abouts us and about our interests and habits, but the reality is quite different; if you keep in touch with a network, you must be known of the risk you are taking.

Ron Bowes found a “distressing problem of data protection. ” Facebook rejected the complaint. “In this case, a single researcher gathered information from people who agreed to be of public access, ” a spokeswoman said. He said the information was already available in the search engines and are not personal data at risk.

Besides this fact, in Sophos senior technology consultant’s words, Graham Cluley:

“Unfortunately, eleven again, personal Facebook seems to be sharing information by default. Many people feel distinctly uncomfortable about to site like Facebook learning what they look like, and using that information without their permission”

The social network is oftenly criticized due to its very complicated privacy settings, very difficult to ordinary people to understand. Bruce Schenier, chief security technology officer, is probably the most sincere person when he said: “Facebook, Google and other firms last autumn of “deliberately killing privacy” in the pursuit of profits.”

Due to the complaints that Facebook has received from the million users, it has implanted improvements in the intimacy, introducing simpler mechanisms in May of last year. Moreover, it has added some centers of help and security to preserve the intimacy from everyone.


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