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How to make an accurate profile in social networks

Nowadays more and more businesses and companies use social networks as an important way of promoting their products. But is this as easy as it seems? Do they need to follow some rules in order to give a good image of themselves through social networking sites? To solve any doubt about the neccessity of an acurate marketing campaing using web communication tools I am going to give some of the most common and basic tips of promoting in the social network market, according to some articles I have found on this topic.

Social media has become a platform easily accessible to anyone with internet access, opening doors for organizations to increase their brand awareness and facilitate conversations with the customer. Marketing communication plans coordinate the elements of the promotional mix, advertising, publicity, public relations, etc.

In the new plans using social media marketing all this have to be done in the company or business profile, so profiling is the most important aspect they have to take into account in order to establish accurate data. In her marketing letter Angela Hausman claims that “historical data only incompletely predict future behaviour and lots of factors change over time and historical data don’t reflect any of them”. This can be problematic when you don’t need a particular product type or when you want to update your new preferaences. Another danger she points out is that “online behaviour might not reflect you”. Consumer profiling allows companies to identify the most likely prospects for their products, so firms have to realize how to use it correctily.

In the article of Jeanne Grunert some tips are given so that the profile gives the neccessary information about the company, including “who you are, what you do and some personal facts to make the profile more approchable”. The social networking profile has to be used to communicate brand. It is recommendable to “set up a unique page for each social networking site”.

Regarding the type of post that the business should enter Jeanne advises that:

  • A careful balance of posts should be created. As too few posts may make followers and friends lose interest, too much can also create a bad effect.
  • Posting political, religious, or controversial opinions must be avoided.


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