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Eitb´s official website

“This isn’t a direct marketing tool, this is human communication.”

Rob Key

Euskal Irrati Telebista (Rad io Televisión Vasca), is a consortium dependent of the Basque Parliament. It is deeply involved in the Web, profiting from tools such as social networks as Facebook or Twitter and being even present in blogs, Youtube or Flick. However, its main and thus, more powerful communication facility is its official web-site: www.eitb.com.


Lontzo Sainz is responsible for the Networking of Eitb. He has performed this job for the last 20 years, in the news program, communication and, for the last 5 years, being the responsible for http://www.eitb.com.



The web page can be read in 4 different languages: Basque, Spanish, English and French and it is divided in 12 different sections.


In an overall analysis of http://www.eitb.com, it is clear that the news take most of the space of the site. Here, videos, reports,interviews can be found. For instance, regarding sports, repetitions of the match can be watched, as well as following the matches live, this means, at the same times they are played. There are also opinion surveys and a space to bet on your favourite sportman, as well as a calendar with the most important sport events. Equally, there is a special space for the on-line radios covered by Eitb: Euskadi Irratia, Radio Euskadi, Radio Vitoria, Eitb Musika and Gaztea.



The weather broastcast is another potencial advantage of the site, as forecasts can be found, as well as the situation of the seas and links to Twitter where people talk about the weather situation on different places and another link to real-time weather situation.



In the culture section, there are reports and videos of the main cultural events available and in the thematic area there is a special mention to gastronomy, cinema or Basque Language. As for the services, there is a wide range: webcam, traffic, pharmacies, the Stock Market and so on. Finally, there are Betizu and Gaztea, which are specifically aimed at children and adolescents.





As Lontzo Sainz himself stated in an interview made by Leandro Pérez Miguel :


“La parte informativa para nosotros es esencial, aunque en la parte de entretenimiento somos muy fuertes. Hay mucha gente que nos conoce antes por internet que por televisión”.





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