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BBC’s Web Communication Plan

The BBC is the principal public service transmitted in the United Kingdom. Moreover, it is the largest broadcasting corporative in the world. Its global success is partly due to its ability and willingness to adapt to new technologies, such as digital networks. This attitude responds to the increasingly demand of an interactive and participant communication in mass media. According to Peter Horrock, the new director of BBC World Service, today social media […] provides journalists with a wider range of opinion, and gives them access to a whole range of voices.

This media organization makes the most of the tools the Internet offers. For instance, the BBC has several Facebook pages where articles and videos are updated. By means of this social network, the audience can express its opinion about the matter under discussion. Furthermore, the British channel owns various Twitter accounts, each of them specialised in a field, such as BBC Business or BBC Tech. BBC’s online presence also includes several web pages, a blog network, various MySpace accounts and a Youtube channel.

As for Mellisa Ward, web strategist and communication expert, interactive dialog, and community involvement are the keys to building a successful business both online and off. Thus, news organizations, as the BBC, have professionalized their approach towards social media. As a result of the introduction of such technologies, the BBC has gained a wider audience and a worldwide reputation for its good service and reliability.

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” Epictetus


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