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ARTIUM´s Web Communication Plan

ARTIUM is a museum located in Vitoria, dedicated to collecting, producing, disseminating, investigate and pass on the art of our time. The inauguration of the Basque Centre-Museum of Contemporary Art took place on April 26 2002. Since then, the museum constitutes an essential part of the cultural fabric of Vitoria and represents one of the fundamental assets of the art scene in Spain.

Social Networks

ARTIUM has both: a page and a personal account on Facebook. In the page, you can find a lot of information about the museum, which is opened to everybody. There they post the latest news about the museum or about their new colections or exhibitions.
On the other hand, their personal account is closed to the general public. They have quite restrictive privacy settings so, to be able to see any information, photos or news about the museum, you have to add Artium Alava Centro-Museo Vasco as your friend.


ARTIUM also has it´s own Twitter account where they tweet their latest news or events. It´s an alternative way to advertise themselves and to be in contact with people who like Artium or want to know things about or related to them.

Other Web Pages

They have their own Official Web page where all the information about them is published. Although everything about the museum is there, if someone needs more information they can be contacted in museo@artium.org

They are also in:
Youtube, where they have videos about their collections and also a guided visit through the museum.
Delicious (social bookmarking)
WordPress, they post both information about the museum and information and critics about different exhibitions and collections.

To conclude, we can say that ARTIUM has a good communication plan. They use all of the tools above mentioned to give information about them but also to advertise themselves. The good use they make of these tools allow them to get to a lot of people and to expand their latest news.


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