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The attack on Pearl Harbour – History

Pearl Harbor is located in Hawai, more precisely in Ohau island. They were, for defensive purposes, the members of the Navy and U.S. Air Force, when were attacked by Japanese forces in an operation designed by Admiral Yamamoto. The Japanese bombing the U.S forces and end with the resistance only in 90 minutes.

The tense situation was evident in this year, between the U.S and Japan, as the former was withdrawn from providing credit and oil supply to the second and also opposed the expansionist policy of Japan in the Pacific. United States met through the intelligence services the real possibility of attack, but the information did not adequately target to prevent the terrible consequences.

The attack took place at 7:50 pm on 7 of December, with 353 aircraft, from different points, being the first air attack base, the Hickan Field. The sinking of the Arizona, which exploded, before the detonation of a projectile launched from the air, was a major loss for America, because there lost nearly a half of its men. Fuel tanks were not destroyed and several of their best aircraft carriers, because them were not in the island.

Japanese also had loss but not as significant as the Americans. The death did not reach a hundred and 100 of its aircraft were destroyed or damage. However, they could get out to conquer the Southwest Asia and the Pacific and spread its influence into the Indian Ocean. Only three days after the brutal attack on Pearl Harbor, the Nipponese, went to the conquest of the Philippines.

The American balance was, more than two thousand military and civilians are killed and some critically ill. Besides, heavy losses of ships, five battleship and thirteen other ship, more than 188 aircraft and was destroyed and almost the same number of aircraft with considerable damages.

The next day, 8 of December, United States declared war to Japan, and three days later Germany to U.S. On this way, United States entered in the world war, sealing the fate of the Nazis and of Japan. The last of those, succumb to the U.S because of the devastation of their territory with the atomic bombs that ended the most terrible war in history.


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