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The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola company, like most companies uses the social networks to advertise their products. According to an article published by Betsy Brottlud, the director of marketing and editorial at Resource Nation, an online company that connects businesses with local and national vendors, “Companies use social networking to gain credibility, foster employee relationships, build a forum for communication with customers, and in most cases, boost sales”. Coca-Cola has its own web page, in which you can see all the products and brands that this company owns, the latest news, the investors, the annual revenues as well as a blog in which you can leave your opinion.

The company also uses another ways to advertise itself, it has a page in Facebook. The page was done by Dusty and Michael, who nowadays are the managers of it. A total of 20,953,158 people are fans of that page. (By December the 18th). This company uses Facebook to advertise the new products, and the latest news. It is also a way to see if people like the drinks, since people can leave comments in order to congratulate the company and to make suggestions, (some people wrote if it was possible to make better bottles), or in the contrary, to criticize it. For instance, here are some comments that people leave in Coca-Cola’s page: “Love Coca-Cola” or “My family, my younger brothers, my mother and father, have a small party often, always with Coca-Cola!”. In this page there is also room for uploading photos and videos related to Coca-Cola, as well as for some discussions. According to a recent study by Aberdeen Group:

“Top companies are using social-networking sites like Facebook to achieve improved interaction with customers. The study revealed that companies that use social-networking websites are 17 times more likely to improve customer satisfaction than companies that don’t use the sites”.

Coca-Cola, is a very powerful company therefore, it has not only one way to advertise itself, it has a Twitter account called Coca-Cola in which they tweet the latest advertisements related to the company such as “US FANS: Coca-Cola brings u Fuse Presents Z100’s Jingle Ball @ MadisonSquareGarden. See ur favorite artists on Fuse tonight @ 9pm/8c!”. Nowadays it has 173.531 followers and the page follows 65.480 people, the ones who often leave tweets in their wall. It also has blogs Coca-Cola conversations where they post the latest curious news about the famous drink.

They also have an account in YouTube, called Coca-Cola channel, here they post the latest advertisements that also appear on Television. Hence, from here you can see them as many times as you want. If you click on the channel you will see this year’s famous Coca-Cola Christmas ad, full of magic.




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