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Social Networks Influence

Social Networks are invading our daily life and expanding our frontiers. At the threshold of the twenty-first century, people all over the world were getting used to the notion of email, which soon came to replace, almost completely, the more traditional pen and paper. At the same time, the virtual spaces of chat rooms and instant messaging applications were establishing themselves as new means of socialization.

Just a few years ago, before the advent of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. an influential blogger could reach dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of readers if the blog was popular enough. Today that same blogger is usually wired into a variety of tools and networks to spread their shared media, so their message is disseminated much, much further with every keystroke.

In a matter of seconds, with a single click on Facebook, our bewildered faces can reach not just the other side of the world, as was the case with e-mail, but millions of people, all together, all at the same time. On 26 June 2009, the Iranian authorities blocked the international press from operating openly in Iran. The Iranian people relied on Twitter to narrate their struggle to the outside world. Information no longer simply travels quickly; it instantaneously and effortlessly reaches billions of people. The steady emerging new technologies like Twitter or Facebook are rearranging everything in ever deeper ways.

Using the expanding influence of social networking as well as the capacity of “normal” online users to directly interact with one another, the internet has changed into a centre of social persuasion and an exceptionally possible choice for “getting your message out” in relation to information, products and services available to common people. Also, the use of social Networks may connect you with people you share interest with as Heather Lesliesays.

“Fellow tweeps with whom I was building some friendship and trust actively introduced me to influential contacts of their own. The credibility of these introductions have opened doors that I could never have achieved on my own and may turn out to be significant opportunities in furthering my collaborative work with clinicians.”

To sum up, by checking several blogs it is clear to conclude that as social networks connect people from all over the world, they create more opportunities for people to advertise themselves or their brands and makes information more approachable.

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