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Skype, a global known company

There are some important tips for Developing a Facebook Strategy, for example, Facebook will compete with search engines:

Search is about making sense of the web. Google has traditionally done this by using links as a sign of authority. Facebook aims to do the same with “Likes.” Facebook isn’t a search engine itself, but it is a different route to making sense of the web. Moreover, Google is increasingly adding real-time social media content to its index in tacit acknowledgement that it sees itself being outflanked by the social media platforms.

For the moment, Google remains the place where consumers go to find things, but Facebook’s ability to capture eyeballs means that it should now be a primary focus for any online marketer.

Skype is a big company that is growing up little by little in this world of technology and computers. In a period of time really short he has became one of the greatest and best known computer programs in the world. The main reasons are that it is easy to download and use, very comfortable and necessary for a lot of people.

Skype as most of the big enterprisers in the world is related with the Social Networks, in this case with Facebook.  Down in Facebook there are two Skype profiles: Skype( Product/service) and Skype Me.

The first one, Skype(Product/Service) is the main account. It has 1.579.930 friends. This profile is a kind of publicity Facebook account where you have a lot of links to download the program in your computer, or advertisements to get Skype in your iPhone or mobile phone.

The other one is Skype Me. Skype Me is another account that shows information about the Skype program but without that amount of videos and advertisements like the fist one does,in fact, this one does not have videos and advertisements.

The other big point is about Microblogging. The relation between Skype and Twitter.Skype has an account on Twitter too, in fact, it has seventeen different accounts in Twitter. For example, it has one called: Skypedeveloper, another Skypeclassroom, Skypedeutch… so it has a lot of profiles one for each issue and also profiles in different languages. Something interesting about Skype and Twitter is their applications.

There is as well the official website of Skype. The oficial website, is very simple. It has a number of six windows with more subwindows in each one. Those windows are : Features, Get Skype, Prices, Accessories, Business and Support. Here you can find any information you need or want about Skype, his apliccations, advantages and disadvantages etc…


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