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ARTIUM’s Web Communication Plan

My Web Communication Plan is about the uses of social networks by organization called ARTIUM that is The Basque Centre Museum of Contemporary Art. This institution opened its door on 2002.

ARTIUM uses both Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is used to write posts with the information of new activities and exhibitions of the museum. Moreover, they use it to put links or thing of the pages they are working, such as, Flickr, Youtube, SlideSahre… Also they have a application about ArtGallery. To finish with this, the institutions offer a place to discuss and a section where they put events, like lectures.

For example, “Artium propone visitas guiadas y talleres en torno al miedo para este puente festivo”, new on the Diario Vasco’s web. Not only this, but also the ARTIUM organization uses this social network to input information about direction, telephone number, the official web page, schedules…

On the other hand, the organization of The Basque Centre Museum of Contemporary Art of Vitoria has a Twitter account. There they publish news relating to the culture world. Also they have a connection between Facebook and Twitter. ARTIUM put some news about the museum too,  “El Artium reunió a mas de cien profesionales de bibliotecas de arte actual” published in “El Correo”. Otherwise they show information about lectures and conferences, schedules and authors of them. Some followers of this account in Twitter are: people whose job has a relation with arts and culture, other organizations of museums, people whose job is something about marketing and communication…

Apart from these social networks, they usually use blogs and other pages like their official page. In the blog the organization put articles about their new exhibits and opinions about the lectures. Also, the have opened a new stage on the blog for discussions. In their official page, they present the museum, published the information of schedules, price of tickets, activities they organized…

ARTIUM has specialized in modern and contemporary art, especially Spanish art. They have permanent exhibitions, which are changed once a year. ARTIUM also organized temporary exhibitions, most of them unpublished, own or performed with other museums. Besides of these exhibitions, the organization offers varied cultural and educational activities. In addition, this institution has a Library and Documentation center, which focuses on contemporary and modern art.


As a conclusion, I think that social networks, apart from to meet people, are very useful for organizations and business, because Twitter, Facebook… are one of the most important connections with the Internet world. With them the companies can show their products or what they do in a dynamic way to costumers. Even, with social networks, you can make a contact with the organizations faster and more comfortably.


-Edurne Palos.”Artium propone visitas guiadas y talleres en torno al miedo para este puente festivo” (2010, 04)of December. Diario Vasco. Date acceded: 11:30, Dicember, 13, 2010 from http://www.diariovasco.com/v/20101204/alto-deba/artium-propone-visitas-guiadas-20101204.html

-N.A. “El Artium reunió a mas de cien profesionales de bibliotecas de arte actual”. (2010, 04) of Nobember. El Correo. Date acceded: 11:45, Dicember, 14, 2010 from http://www.elcorreo.com/alava/v/20101104/cultura/artium-reunio-cien-profesionales-20101104.html

External links:


-Twitter of ARTIUMhttp://twitter.com/artiumvitoria

-Blog of ARTIUMhttp://blogartium.wordpress.com/

-Facebook of ARTIUMhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/ARTIUM-Centro-Museo-Vasco-de-Arte-Contemporaneo/57260392808?v=app_2309869772

-Flickr of ARTIUMhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/artium-biblioteca/

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