Akari Bilbao

“Akari Bilbao” is a Japanese store dedicated to produce different kinds of articles since the basic articles for home until practical articles.

Japan, the rising sun, can fascinate you with its people and customs, the result of an eventful historical past and cultural and religious influence in other countries. These influences have been decisive in his philosophy and way of life today, based on harmony and coexistence of modern and traditional,between the aesthetic and philosophical.
Akari, a piece of Japan, offers all its services in order to show you some of the most important aspects of Japanese culture through a careful selection, with the purpose to reflect their cultural identity, their tradition and modernity.

AKARI DESIGN, SL dedicated to the import and distribution of Japanese product, was born in late 2004 led by an innovative impulse. In the same year opened  like an establishment which offered their products and services through a first store located in the city of Bilbao.
Its name comes from the Japanese word “AKARI” which means “light” in English and obviously “luz” in Spanish. This company is considerated itself as a light or a revelation of passion for Japanese culture.
Through its services, Akari Company put at our hands all the necessary information from this fascinating country, the country of the rising sun, Japan.  Akari also realizes different cooking classes, art and disciplines inherent in the Japanese cultural identity.
Akari also has its own facebook profile with the purpose of being more connected with  costumers and in case you want to know more about  this wonderful store.

“…Brand Facebook Pages seem like a no-brainer these days. They’re a cheap and effective way of connecting with fans…” Antony Maifield

Because of that in Akari’s Facebook Page says:

“… We have a business philosophy based on the cultural identity of Japan, harmonize tradition and modernity through a series of elements that form our company…”


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