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Privacy in Facebook: Are our photos safe?

Nowadays, the profile of Facebook can be an identity reference. For instance, photos are a very important part of our profile and they show how we really are.

For that reason, our Facebook’s profile is really important and we should be able to control it. A good way to know more about Privacy in Facebook is learning from John Sileo, one of America’s leading Social Networking Speakers & sought after Identity Theft Expert, who lost his business and more than $300,000 to identity theft and data breach, explains which are the risks about Facebook’s privacy settings. He explains how important is to be proactive about what you share on Facebook and to protect your online privacy, teaching audiences to bulletproof their bottom line against data breach.

There is a really interesting link about Facebook Privacy written by John Sileo.

I have learned a lot from experts like John Sileo and I have reached some conclusions:

To begin with, in Facebook we have our profile main photo which everybody can see because it appears whenever we do something, such as sharing links, writing posts, sending private messages… There are no privacy setting for the profile photo, so it is something important we should think about. For that reason, it is important to put a photo where it appears our face and not anyone’s else. It is also convenient to put a serious photo, for example our ID’s photo or any other in which we appear normal, not on party, or in the beach… The main reason for this is that not only our friends can see this profile photo. Nowadays, wherever you apply for a job, they are going to check on the internet for any information and our profile photo appears as soon as we write our names in Google, so there is no need to know a lot about Internet to find it. That is why we should always take into consideration what kind of photos we put in Facebook.

Apart from the profile photo, we can also have different albums which can be organized as we want. We do not have to care so much about which kind of photos we put in here because we can have a privacy setting in which we do not let anyone apart from our friends get in and check them. Anyway, I still think we should consider what king of photos are right to put in here too. Albums could be orginized in many different ways, but you will always have at least 3 albums: the photos you have been taged in, your profile photos and all the rest you have added.

In the photos you add, you can tag anyone you want, as far as you have that person as a friend. You can also add names in the photo but if you are not friends you can not tag them with a link.

After that, you can write comments in the photos and anyone else who is tagged in can also write comments about them. The owner of the photo has also the possibility of deleting the photo anytime or just the comments that people write about it.

Once you have added a photo, you can always edit it, share it, tag people in or even delete it.


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