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People I selected with more than one thousand Facebook´s friends

Nowadays social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, is at its very peak. They could be a good way to grown as well as to reconnect with friends. It is important to make a question to our minds, this is to say, if every online friend is a real friend.

This idea will be developed in detail below.

Do you think social networks friends, such as Facebook or Twitter are real friends? Over the last years, there have been different discussions about friendship real meaning. According to The Hindu, not every online “friend” is a friend in the true sense and the possibility of forming true friendships online remains. Horst Heidbrink, who researches friendship at the Fern—Universitaet in the German city of Hagen says “Friendship is always a two-sided long-term relationship”.

If you are interested on this topic just enter in The Hindu main page.

There are lots of people that have a big amount of friends on their facebook´s acount. I have found 5 different people connected with our page, with more than 1,000 friends. They are famous people, but they use their social network as a tool to publish advertisments, news, or even to influence people with their thoughts in order to have more success.

Here there is a list with these five famous people with a little explanation on each one, to know better what are they purposes to use facebook social network.

1- Barack Obama : He used social networks for his campaign and in order to publish his thoughts, relevant messages he desires to transmit to his fans, etc.4,305 people like this.

2.-Chrisette Michele : This sing star page is used in order to see pictures, listen to her songs and also it is possible to commente everything that is posted in the wall.511,626 people like this.

3.-Michele Obama : This page is run by organizing for America, the grassroots organization for president Obama´s genda for change. 2,649,695 people like this.

4.-George Clooney : This page is used as a social network in order to people give their opinions about the actor.634,478 people lke this.

5.- Brad Pitt : This page is used to show pictures and information about the actor. His fans can give and post their opinion in the wall of this page.47,368 people like this.

According to some experts they think that social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are a good way to grown with friends as well as to reconnect with friends from years ago. It is possible to do great friends with people that you normally wouldn´t have met and never been able to keep in contact with again.

Moreover, social networks make possible to know many friends who I have never met in person but have created virtual friendships through the web including meeting a guy or a girls with the exact same name and surname!

To sum up, I dare conclude that people shouldn´t expect to find true friendship through social networks. However, I think Facebook is a powerful tool for prefessional purposes.


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