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Facebook friends are real friends?

Christine Rosen explains what is the difference between a real frienship and a social networking friendship:

“But “friendship” in these virtual spaces is thoroughly different from real-world friendship. In its traditional sense, friendship is a relationship which, broadly speaking, involves the sharing of mutual interests, reciprocity, trust, and the revelation of intimate details over time and within specific social (and cultural) contexts. Because friendship depends on mutual revelations that are concealed from the rest of the world, it can only flourish within the boundaries of privacy; the idea of public friendship is an oxymoron.”

During the last years, social networks have increased enormuosly. That is the reason because advertising begins to focus his budget on this area; companies, artists, trademarks, freelance and especially in places for human encounters are focusing in this social networks. But, what is consider nowadays as a real friendship? Are network relations trustly?

So, the idea of relationship in a network involves sharing common interests and thoughts mantending a relation based on hobbies or work relations.

This is a list of some people who have more than 1.000 friends on Facebook, in this case, they are relevant for our subject, but, there is a lot of people who have more than 1.000 friends for another reasons, are they really friends?

In these cases, is clear that not all the friends they have, mantend a personal relationship or contact with this people, normally their friends are people who are interested in their job or the articles they public.

It is clear that you can have “friends” around the world. Sharing information is the main reason of the interest in another people. At least, Facebook friends are a list of some real friends and people who interested you. But, anybody can decide how structure your “friends” or who accept or not.


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