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Web Communication Plan: Kultur Leioa

Kultur Leioa is a public center from the area of culture of the council of Leioa. It’s main objetive is to promote the culture to the people. It was opened on September 2004 and it has become one of the most important places of this town. Kultur Leioa offers a variety of activities and events for all people, without importance of their age. These activities include art exhibitions, workshops, plays and a cheaper cinema where the films cost less than in the shopping centers; although it includes, also, computer rooms, euskara service and an extensive library that takes two of the five floors of the building.

This library replaces the old library which was next to the sports center. The first floor includes the following spaces:

  • Zone loan and bibliographical information.
  • Children and youth library.
  • A space adapted and designed for children aged 0 to 4 years.
  • Periodicals.
  • Area devoted to recreational reading comics.

In the second floor, instead, there are the following spaces:

  • Reference to find the information we need.
  • General section. (fiction and nonfiction)
  • Internet.
  • Local fund. (Leioa publications)

This organization has a place in social networks such us Facebook and Twitter, where it shares information about different activities which take place in Leioa to let us know when and where they will be, and what people will take part in them, for instance, if it is a theatre play, people will want to know which person will act. In its social networks also appears important information, which includes the telephone number, the address, the schedule and all of its web sites.

As the mayor Eneko Arruabarrena says:

“The council of Leioa will extend its network MuniFi free to all local districts. Before there was only in the Kultur Leioa. Leioa will feature a dozen WiFi spots early 2011″.


Página oficial de Kultur Leioa: http://www.kulturleioa.com/

Ayuntamiento Leioa:http://www.leioa.net/es/vive_la_ciudad/kultur/Kultur+Leioa.html

La red española de Teatros, Auditorios, Circuitos y Festivales de titularidad pública: http://www.redescena.net/escenarios/ficha.php?id=2133 (Ana López Asensio)

BPM Biblioteca Municipal de Leioa- diciembre 2010: http://www.bibliotecaspublicas.es/leioaCas/index.jsp

Artículo del 28 de octubre de 2010 posteado por “Kultur Leioa”: http://www.lavidawifi.com/tag/kultur-leioa/

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