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Facebook vs. Tuenti?


Social nets are the best way of getting in touch with friends or meeting new ones. There is a wide choice of those kind of nets but main of the people always choose the sames, Facebook and Tuenti. But why Tuenti or Facebook? What are the diffrences between them? In the following lines we can read the main differences between Facebook and Tuenti based on the opinion of the company Differencebetween wich is a group refer to technology.


Tuenti is a small scale social network, specifically targeted at the Spanish speaking communities. In Spain, Tuenti is the most successful social networking website, with feature content that is localized, about schools, entertainment and networks in the Spanish speaking world. This makes it a better option to join if you are Spanish, and wish to interact with Spanish content.


Facebook, on the other hand, is currently the most popular social networking website in the world, with over 350 million users worldwide. It was founded in the United States by Mark Zukerberg, along with some of his college school mates at the time, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Facebook is aimed at a global audience, where anyone in the world can become a user by signing up with an email address and creating a personal profile.

Starkly different from Facebook, Tuenti users can only join by invitation, because the founders’ aim was to keep it small scale and as localized as possible. Unique features of Tuenti include increased privacy, localization, profile information realness and closer user connections. With Tuenti, you will only connect to the users you know in real life, and ones you can connect with on a daily basis, unlike Facebook, where you can connect to someone you have never met and may not interact with regularly. One other notable difference is that Tuenti does not feature banner advertisements, that can be regarded as obstructive. It is the most popular social site in Spain

Summary: Facebook is aimed at a global audience, while Tuenti is for the Spanish community only. Facebook is free for anyone to join, while Tuenti is a strictly invitation-only social site. Facebook features banner advertisements, while Tuenti does not have banner advertisements. Facebook was founded, and is based, in the United States, while Tuenti was founded, and is based, in Spain.


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Amara Ostolozaga, 29th November 2010

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