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Are Facebook Friends “Real” Friends?

Social nets gives us the option to  be in contact with friends and also, to  make new ones. Here Kari Heley gaves her opinion and argues about Facebook friends if they are real friends or not. Kari Henley is an avid writer, public speaker, active in her community, and an expert in group facilitation.

Do sites like Facebook stand as viable communities, and are the people on your home page “real friends?” These sites are solid and viable resources for maintaining connections, and the wave of the future. So, what gives? When something hits a nerve, clearly there are unresolved emotions, the boundaries of a comfort zone is being tapped, or we are being asked to make a paradigm shift around something we are unsure of. Perhaps we are being asked to broaden our horizons of relationship in general.

Technically then, it really doesn’t matter if you feel comforted by others online or feel nourished at church or connected at a company retreat; we all need varied experiences of friendship and community in our lives. I have written extensively about community and believe there is much to gnosh on here. What’s behind the movement is essentially – we are starved for one another. That is why Facebook took off across the generations. We crave opportunities to see a friendly face and know the silly details of each others lives. It fills a void.

So as a conclusion we can say that the experience of loneliness is a widespread societal wound. When we get down to the root, what we’re craving is not physical or cyber connections, but Meaningful connections. Humans are hardwired to gather together as a means of survival, and loneliness prompts a “desire to affiliate” according to John Cacioppo.


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