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Which of these pages, groups or networks are relevant on Facebook?

Why different organizations decide to set a page, group or network on Facebook? What is best for these organizations,a Facebook page or a group? Jeremy Wiliams wrote on a blog he has on The Tourism Tech Corner.

First lets have a look at these Facebook Pages which have place on Facebook:

  1. Kohl’s: Kohl’s
  2. Club Metropolitan: Club Metropolitan
  3. EF Los Angeles: EF Los Angeles
  4. Deusto University: Deusto University
  5. Starbucks Coffee: Starbucks Coffee

All of these organization as I said, are Facebook Pages. They want a Facebook page because they want their costumers to express their opinion. In these cases, Kohl’s is a Shop where they sell clothes designed by celebrities such as Lauren Conrad or ELLE magazine, in Facebook people tell what they like or what they prefer. The other one, The Metropolitan Club is a gym that is all over Spain, many football players like Aitor Ocio goes to that gym. EF Los Angeles is the location of a School in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles; EF is an organization that teach english students along the year to different places in the world. The Deusto page is the page of our university, there people post comments or they inform you about seminars or talks. The last page that has place on Facebook is the Starbucks coffee page, here coffee lovers can know when the company is going to elaborate a new coffee or if there is any new coffee shop all over the world.

Apart from that, some experts says that is better for organization to have a fan page rather than a group:

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